THE New York "LAST STAND BAND"  1972


Left to Right - Tim, Me, Jubal, (?), KAZ, Jessie, and Brian.
Brian was my first tutor, a real inspiration. I am very grateful to him. We also wrote some songs together, which I am trying to dig up. One is the song "I'd Like To Indroduce to you". I sang this song all over the streets of England, and if you know the song,

check out Ringo Stars' first solo hit. Tell me that's not our song. Oh well.

The first band I was in after I left Texas was a real fantastic group of guys called "The Last Stand Band".When I look back I just can't believe some of the things we did. There was an old apartment down in the "Village" that someone loaned us, and we bagan cleaning it up to live in it. I will never forget what it looked like when we got it? It was full of human fecis. Then we got an old school bus and painted it pink because that's all we had and we couldn't afford to buy any paint. ...took it across into Canada with the eyes of the border police popping out. (Of course looking for marijuana, which we did not partake of). We played on Mount Royal, up on the Gazebo, which is now in disrepair. It gave me a hunger for Europe when we went to Montral. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. We also practised in the winter in a beach house in Jersey that was completely empty. We played on the beaches in spring. See photos below.. I have to say that Brian McNally sent me a cassette of our music, and right when I was going through a huge change and moving, I lost it. I have torn up everything, so far I haven't found it. Please, if you know anyone that has any music from our band, let us know. I have begged forgiveness from Brian. It is a true feax  pas. I am sorry Brian.

              Photos are courtisy of Brian McNally

The New York Band

Left to Right - Tim, Me, Jubal, (?), KAZ, Jessie, and Brian. Brian was my first tutor, a real inspiration. I am very grateful to him. We also wrote some songs together.

Brian with his sister Pat


Gas Light NYC 1972

Brian, Tim, me at The Gas Light NYC. Another seemingly impossible thing to do. Ha!

Upstate New York

Me and Brian. By the way, bass is my first love.

Up State New York.

We had this "alien" visit and he was wild eyed and he always blew the crown away! He was a great guy.

NOTICE! Not all upgraded digital recordings. Some are only here for the record, and I haven't had time to clean the up a bit. Will do in the future.

This is a collection of some old songs I had written over the years, that I never had time to produce. The quality is not good on these. They are here simply for the record.

We live, we look, and listen. We learn from friends and others. We grow, we reach out, we change and we also stay the same. These are precious songs and they were for he right time and place.


"When the Sun Goes Down in Texas" is a song looking back through time. It's about the sunset that followed me around the world all of my life, wherever I was, I would stop and watch the sunset. It is a story of two young loves rejected by a lack of understanding due to the rigid understand of God's love back in 1968. It is a true story. Hmmm Romeo and Juliet?

A lot of my life has been telling that story. I just want to say that I have been blessed more through the years by by another Special Love, that I will never forget. Well, what I am talking's in the songs too.