Well? Moving on? Right? Isn't that what we are supposed to do? I have spoken with a lot of very good old friends, and everyone is at a different place in what they are planning to do. I have decided. I had a big burden to finish this site and the other sites I have worked on, and now everything is up and running. So now? I'm not finished yet. I was waiting for all of this for the history and the record of my songs (I will never finish them all!). Now I look into the folders I have and they are full of songs that I was inspired to write, that I just couldn't get to for this burden. I am beginning a 3rd Cd, but who knows? Does the world need another song? We will see. I'm heading out! Anywhere and everywhere anyone calls, I will go. All I will ask for is vittles, fiddles, and 'El Gasolina" Haha! I am at your call!