My Beloved frind Jerry Paladino. What can I say? The best version of Ain't It Good To Know"  ever made. Both Spanish and English together.  Ha!

No but sincerely, I am grateful for Jerry doing this. It's touching.

Susan Cagle and band sing  "Ain't It Good To Know." on her album "The Subway Recordings"

ANA MARIE sings PAZ EN LA TORMENTA (PEACE IN THE STORM) Both Spanish and English  (It should be noted  that Ana did not know that this song was written in English and translated a verse into English fro her perspective, as best she could. I fin that very rare and more than a full circle. )

Marcus Witt never made a video of Paz En La Tormenta, but TEN YEARS ago recorded it and performed it at Joel Olstiens church in Houston. 8,186,312 views

Willie Nieves - Paz en la tormenta Dic-23-2012