It's Not "All About Me!"

Well, when you've gone down the long roads as so many have, the one thing you finally realize is "It's not all about me".   Everything I've accomplished is, in one way or the other, because there was also someone around me that lifted me, guided me, or someone in my life that loved me enough to inspire me. Or someone I didn't even know needed something for themselves. If you read this, you may know who you are. 


Many people have a more powerful story.  Maybe even you? So I'm just here to share some music and maybe a little history.  I am very grateful every day I am alive and every time I still have the chance and the ability to have a new inspiration for a song, and maybe to still be able to share it in some way, to be able to have a voice, and an opportunity to use these. I never take my life for granted, as I have been ill for many years now, and when I sing somewhere. 


If anyone ever asks you why vintage guitars are so great, it's many things we just don't know these days. First it is the wood's age, and if it is cared for it ages well, and makes the sound even better. The copper wiring in the pickups. They used a different and stronger copper with less attenuation around the pickups. It is still a better copper to this day. It was chromed in a fashion that was not so automated, watched over and controlled by a human being. So I also, in my writing, have been aging over time, and I pray that's also what has come out is a "vintage" story of the ups and downs of my life. Via Music..

So what is all of this to do with music? Your own life is a book or a song, or sometimes both? I'm not starting this story at the point I started writing, by years or what happened. Maybe many do know some of it, but there's a lot more to it than all of a sudden I picked up a guitar and travelled the world and wrote some songs." So let's call this an "Introduction," if you will, and I will add pages as I write. Please bare with me as I add to the story and come back and visit!


Thanks you! All love to all! From Austin, Texas

You Are In Love - Elixir - Elixir - Kirk Allen