It's Not "All About Me!"

Well, when you've gone down the long roads as so many have, the one thing you finally realize is "It's not all about me".   Everything I've accomplished is, in one way or the other, because there was also someone around me that had the same goals, or someone in my life that loved me enough to inspire me through, or someone I didn't even know needed something for themselves. If you read this, you may know who you are. 


Many people have a more powerful story.  Maybe even you? So I'm just here to share some music and maybe a little history.  I am very grateful every day I am alive and every time I still have the chance and the ability to have a new inspiration for a song, and maybe to still be able to share it in some way, to be able to have a voice, and an opportunity to use these. I never take my life for granted, as I have been ill for many years now, and when I sing somewhere I always take my lyric book along, just in case. This is humbling for me, but once I get going you never know what may happen, as I always tell the story as I go, and even if it hurts, or if I failed, I'm gonna tell it like it is.


As some of you may know, I have been working on this book for some while now, and I have chosen the name of An Imperfect Walk : And Yet I Walk. I have walked in the highest of honor and lowest of valleys, and I have walked in the low hard moments. There are songs about both. If you hear a song and you wonder why I wrote it, email me here on my music email, and I will respond. Thank you.


This is where I will start for now.


I was born in the baby boomer age and I was the youngest of two sons. I was Dad's "special" boy and my brother was my mom's. I got my first musical instrument at 12. It was a Sears all-in-one guitar case that had the speaker in it.  I sang the first song I learned ("Yesterday") to my girlfriend Gail in Duncanville, Texas.


You would take the guitar out and set the case up on end, plug in the guitar, and be a rock star! I started practising immediately and all we could do back then was place a section on the 45 rpm record player, then pick up the needle and do it again until you learned it. But I struggled with the guitar and figured a bass might be easier, so I nagged my poor dad so much he finally took me to Morgan's Music in Garland Texas. It was like the music super store back then, and I just fell apart.


Now you know how these salesmen can be! Before long he had talked my dad out of the cheap bass guitars and had him in all about the investment of a good guitar, like a FENDER Precision Bass! I kept my mouth closed because this guy was waving me back away with one hand and giving me a big wink,  like "trust me kid!," I figured.  But  as I look back across time, maybe I'm not being fair to my father, who wanted to show how much he loved me.  I believe he is laughing at me right now for even thinking that he didn't know what he was doing, because of a fast talking salesman?  There is a lesson there.  I know he loves my songs and had the chance to hear many before he passed. He was such an awesome father.


Anyway,  I left with the best Fender equipment money could buy and it was even with a "loan", which was a new thing. Of course let's leave out credit cards and all of this new digital world behind. This was an 8X11 with copy paper, and a down payment of half the total and six payments of so-'n-so and that's it. Recently I found that very reciept. That darn bass was not as cheap as I thought it was at $275 new! You can get that bass now for about $899, but it won't be the best. However, everything back then was made with the best woods in the USA, woods you can not buy any more.


If anyone ever asks you why vintage guitars are so great, it's many things we just don't know these days. First it is the wood's age, and if it is cared for it ages well, and makes the sound even better. The copper wiring in the pickups. They used a diferent and stronger copper with less attenuation around the pickups. It is still a better copper to this day. It was chromed in a fashion that was not so automated, watched over and controlled by a human being. So I also, in my writing, have been aging over time, and I pray that what has come out is a "vintage" story of the ups and downs via my music.

So what is all of this to do with music? A life is a song, and I'm not starting this story at the point I started writing and what happened. Maybe many do know some of it, but there's a lot more to it than "all of a sudden you picked up a guitar and travelled the world and wrote some songs." So let's call this an "Introduction," if you will, and I will add pages as I write. Please bear with me as I add to the story and come back and visit. Thanks you! All love to all!

You Are In Love - Elixir - Elixir - Kirk Allen