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"Peace in the midst of a Storm" 

"Paz en la Tormenta"

"Ain't It Good To Know" 

"Que Lindo es saber"


I am honored to have you visit. I am blessed to have the friends I have had over the many years of my life.  I feel I have not always deserved the love I have received from so many, so I am so very grateful.


For myself, the actual "songwriting"  is a story that spans a lifetime. However, here we are in a new era and there's a heck of a lot between the beginning and the present, this moment, where we are now.  I  recently  read that "There are no ordinary moments".  My life is full of those extraordinary moments and loved ones.


I believe life is a song, an expression, a story. A song can only have a life if it's a real story. Emotions and inspirations can become poetry, paintings, art, love, anger, sadness, or a song. Emotions can become any of these. They are inspired.


My songs have a story that goes way back, all of the ways up until today. Fortunately, the story is still being written, only by grace. Sometimes they are metaphors, but not always. Everything means something, even if it appears to be just a simple love song or a story.


There's more here than just some songs, so take some time and have a visit. Thank y'all!


Now y'all come back and see us! We'll leave the light on for ya!

                A Small Message to Artists of all Genre.  


      It's A Long Story
"Let My Love Warm Your Day" - ELIXIR with Kirk Allen copyright@1976