"Peace In The Midst of a Storm"

"Paz en la Tormenta"

"Ain't It Good To Know" 

"Que Lindo es Saber



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Ya'll Come On Down

"My Book" is written in the language of "SONG and Music". It's a familiar concept, but I do not write, well not yet. The songs just fall out of the air, in a moment of time. They drop on me, and I catch them, so in a certain way I can't take the credit. Most come with something someone said in a passing conversation. Or something I see, like injustice or a happy old married couple. Many are about spiritual things. However, I have studied almost every philosophy and religion as well, and I do not exclude anyone when a song comes. That's how it all started, in the streets of Europe, sing as loud as I can, along with friends. I was out on a veranda in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France, when my first real serious song came. I was grateful for the events of the moment. Anyone could listen and feel loved, and that song was a gift to me, talking to me first, and comforting me, giving me an end of a time of grief. The most famous ones came at extreme points in my life. However, I have changed as I grow older, and if you're an old friend, you know what I am talking about. 


"Let My Love Warm Your Day" - ELIXIR with Kirk Allen copyright@1976